About Us

We are in the business of running burger joints, food trucks and all other stuff connected to doing such business. We take great pride in purveying the real deal to our customers i.e. burgers free from artificial colors, preservatives and the like. The bucks we earn go towards providing our customers with an all natural product, produced responsibly.

That said, sustainability is at the core of what we do. Because we believe that future generations will also want to buy burger and beer from us. It may therefore not come as a great surprise to you that we are wind, sun and water powered. Also, our award winning burger packaging is fully biodegradable, in other words compostable.

By eating and drinking with us you are thus not only helping yourself grow strong and powerful but also helping our planet and doing something for the local economy, as we pay our taxes here, source our products from here and pay our people a decent salary. After all, we should all feel good about eating and drinking – responsibly.

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